A visual inspection conveyor system aims to determine the absence or presence of visible particles within parenteral products. Visual inspection is performed by trained human operators using their naked eyes. Reliable Visual Inspection Equipment provides advanced inspection systems for efficient particle and cosmetic inspection of your pharmaceutical product.
Our Pharma visual inspection conveyor system design is customer requirement based.
Visual Inspection Conveyor Systemis used in Pharmaceutical Industry, Food & Beverage Packaging, Dairy, Agro Industry, Agricultural, and FoodProcessing.

All of our conveying equipment is custom built for our customers.

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Use For :

Specification :

Model No Seating Arrangement For Operator L. x W x H Power HP RPM
ICE – 60 TWO OPERATOR 1300mm x 765mm x 1510mm 0.50 HP 1440
ICE – 100 FOUR OPERATOR 1910mm x 765mm x 1510mm 0.50 HP 1440
ICE – 150 SIX OPERATOR 2515mm x 765mm x 1510mm 0.75 HP 1440
ICE – 200 EIGHT OPERATOR 3125mm x 765mm x 1510mm 0.75 HP 1440
ICE – 250 TEN OPERATOR 3735mm x 765mm x 1510mm 1.50 HP 1440
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